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Score as many points as possible by pulling off all of the different trick types. Earn extra points by filling up your Style Meter and performing Signature Moves.


Complete various challenge objectives as you skate your way through each level. Throughout the environments, look for the highlighted spots associated with each challenge.

Point Rush

In Point Rush, you race from one end of a level to the other before you run out of points. Increase your point count by looking for speed bursts and point bonuses throughout the levels.

Scoring Spots

Test your trick ability against 5 different areas of the map to see who can score the highest amount of points.


Get through the level without bailing, the more you bail the fewer chances you have to make it through the level.

Free Skate

Skate around wherever and however you want in any level you've already unlocked.

Party Mode

Compete against your family and friends in a variety of multiplayer game types by taking turns on the board controller. Battle for the highest score, the coolest combo and, most importantly, bragging rights!


If it is your first time using the board controller or playing the game, this is a good place to start. Get tips from the pros and learn the basics of the board without the pressure of keeping score.

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